Adventure Essentials Survival Kit


This kit contains the safety supplies you need for short-term excursions, cleverly stashed in a military-grade aluminum LED flashlight. The impeccably crafted items—including a 1-liter Whirl-Pak®️ water bag, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers, and yes, waterproof matches—are packed in small canisters that fit perfectly into the flashlight tube.

“Purchase for your outdoorsman! Having this tool saves a ton of space in his bag and he loves gadgets so it all looks pretty cool.” – Nessy

“A slim, but sturdy survival kit for all sorts of scenarios. Open up all the surprises inside and see how many things you can do with the tools!” – The man who has everything

“A bundle of security. I love that this one fits in my glove box instead of taking up half my trunk.” – Lil

Why We Love It
They can chuck it in their bag or glove box, and be prepared…to never again be plagued by distracting worries in the wilderness. A handy, and maybe even lifesaving, gift for hikers and campers.