Authentic Thai Chef Knives


Help them tackle homemade pad thai (and Middle Eastern salads, Chinese stir fries, and Mexican salsa) with one of these unique, hand-forged knives.

The stainless steel Classic Chef’s Knife has a full tang blade set in a smooth, native Thai Pradu wood handle. A medium-weight cleaver with rounded corners, it’s a hard-working jack-of-all-trades that feels just right in your hand. The lightweight, carbon steel Moon Knife (named for its rounded shape) allows for a longer cut. Its light, thin blade is ideal for preparing coconut, watermelon, and other hard-skinned fruits for salads or smoothies.”

“This elegant piece of Thai history was the perfect addition. It is exceptionally well for chopping vegetable and prepping poultry. The large blade is excellent at chopping.” – Andrew F

“We use it for most any cooking we do in the house. Great for large items like prime rib or whole chicken. But also simple enough for veges.” – Chef Wife

“I love this knife. Craftsmanship first, style and uniqueness For sure—very original.” – Ted

Why We Love It
Made in a small Thai village by talented artisans, their shapes are based on centuries-old culinary traditions.


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