Portable Campfire


Campfires are 100% awesome—except for the stinky smoke, finicky flames, and almost impossible-to-extinguish embers. Make them 100% awesome for real with this portable fire pit that does none of the above.

“Brightens my evenings on my patio – Very relaxing!” – TJW

“Such a fun idea. This was a gift for my stepdad who loves bonfires but doesn’t get to have them often since my mom is really sensitive to the smoke. It’s a perfect little way to warm your hands while enjoying the cold outdoors.” – SamT.

“It looks very cute and durable, perfect for the occasion since I will have to travel with it.” – Lexi

Why We Love It
Light it easily with just a match or lighter and bring fire’s glorious magic to the backyard, beach, or campsite for 3-5 hours.