Repair + Relax Mindful Spa Kit


This kit has an assortment of calming, therapeutic favorites selected to soothe stressed skin and senses. All products are naturally scented with relaxing lavender—ever the crowd-pleaser—making it a perfect gift for anyone battling holiday nerves or that person you never know how to shop for.

“Gave this to a client who travels a lot and she loved it because she could pack it with her”- Kara W

Why We Love It
This Set Includes The Best of the Best:
.5 oz Repairing Body Oil: A soothing body oil blend scented with bergamot and lavender. Formulated to hydrate and repair sun-damaged skin.
5 ml Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil: A calming, grounding aromatherapy blend featuring lavender, blue yarrow, and cypress oils.
2 oz Lavender + Sage Soap: A gentle, relaxing facial and body bar featuring French white clay, soothing lavender and sage, and moisturizing shea butter. Ideal for sensitive or dry skin.