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Fuzzy Socks: There is nothing more relaxing than a cozy pair of socks., Konjac Lavender Facial Sponge: Shorten your skincare routine with this no soap needed facial cleanser. Lady Day Candle: Self care means getting all of your senses involved including scent. Spark Confectionary Lemon Alfajor: Treat yourself, literally, with this buttery lemony shortbread Argentinian cookie. Shower Steamers: What better way to de-stress than to steam in a long hot shower. Tres Paper Co Rainbow Foil Journal: Journaling is shown to improve mental health. Get it all down on paper in this gorgeous journal. We will personalize by handwriting your message inside the card.

I love this concept in general and it made it easy for me to put together a care package with great things to choose from. …Blair B.

Why We Love It
The perfect gift for someone who takes care of everyone else.

Women Owned / BIPOC Owned

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