Waffle Bath Robe


This 100% Turkish Cotton Waffle Robe is lightweight, fast drying and absorbent, with a style all its own. Waffle towels’ namesake patterns provide a large surface area and unique weave texture so they make the perfect post-shower or bath robe. The robe features wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, pockets, and an adjustable tie waist. We recommend sizing a full size up and washing before use to find your true fit. The unique weave will deepen and compress post-wash, which will also help it develop a more organic character over time.

“Great gift! Great gift! Purchased this for my sister and she loved it! Super soft and luxurious, and very absorbent.” – Galya

“Love it. This robe is great – it’s held up well with several washing’s and feels like a spa.” – Rose